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  1. Lynda says:

    In the article Fracasó el matrimonio entre Venezuela y el chavismo, the last line of the third paragraph contains a misspelled word that is really crucial. The line describes a party that doesn’t know how to govern for all, but only for a part of society that it “ha azuzado sistemáticamente contra quienes piensan diferente,” which the current English version translates, “has systematically railed against those who think differently.” I believe the translator meant “rallied.” The end of the fourth paragraph of the English translation ends in the word executive. However, “…cavando la tumba the su proprio ejecutivo” is better translated “digging the grave of his own executive office” (“authority” would also suffice). Lastly, the last paragraph contains two verbs in the plain present tense that should be in the progressive “-ing” form to reflect customary English usage. Begins and drags should be translated “is beginning,” and “is dragging.”

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