A Wild Ride!

After 4 days of night and day work, I think we are back in business. Yes…the site was hacked…BIG TIME. So rather than just restoring it, I added some extra security. I think it was a random hack from a well known group in Russia who have been exploiting WordPress (before we updated).

So since I rewrote a lot of code, you may possibly run into glitches. Let us know right away. Also, I would recommend (after this experience) that you browse with firefox and install the addon, noscript. There are so many hacked WordPress installations, that this extra protection will be helpful. Set your noscript to allow hemosoido.com but NOTHING ELSE on this site…because we don’t have any scripts running here that originate anywhere else (except YouTube and Vimeo — they’re ok)

You do need to allow scripts here to use the editing tools while you are translating. You don’t HAVE to, but if you edit without the tools, you’ll create one looooong post with no paragraphs. (For you programming types, you can surround each paragraph with <p>stuff you translate</p> if you want to turn off the editing tools script)

If you see some message about a script deactivated while you are translating a post, don’t worry – just ignore it. I added code that just disables ALL scripts in our imported posts (even the good scripts) so that if a site we import from gets hacked, it won’t spread to us.

Happy Translating!

Your weary programmer, Karen

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